GO, SLOW or WHOA Recipe Categorization Website

A CATCH Eat Smart Guidelines Resource

Welcome to the CATCH GO, SLOW or WHOA Recipe Categorization Website!

In an effort to simplify the categorization of GO, SLOW and WHOA foods, this site has been established as a resource tool. Child Nutrition professionals are encouraged to use this site and input menu items and determine GO/SLOW/WHOA designation on a consistent basis. 

The Eat Smart Guidelines of the CATCH program promote improved nutrition in meals by reducing fat, sugar and processed foods with more nutrient dense, “whole” foods. Methods to accomplish these changes include:

  1. Reducing added fats and replacing any saturated and trans fats with healthy fats;
  2. reducing or eliminating added sugar in foods and reducing high sugar desserts;
  3. offering whole grain foods instead of refined grains; and
  4. offering a wide variety of fruits and vegetables at meals

Process: When the menu item is keyed, the user will be prompted to indicate the food group (meats and meat alternates, grains and breads, fruits, vegetables, other foods and combination entrees). Further information regarding preparation method is also gathered, to determine whether the food item is prepared with added sugar or fat, if it is a processed product, etc. This provides the information needed for categorization as a GO/SLOW or WHOA menu item. Once the menu item is “added” it is stored in the user’s list for future access. Once all menu items are keyed into the database, the user can print a listing of all menu items by GO/SLOW/WHOA category. This information can then be promoted to students and the school community as part of the CATCH coordinated school health environment campaign.

Additional menu items (not found in the database) may be submitted here for inclusion.

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